Payment options:  

    • Cash
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    • Money orders

    Our drug screening fees:

    • Lab 3-day ETG (alcohol): $30
    • Lab verify: $25
    • Presumptive: $20


    A healthy lifestyle 


    Many people turn to drug abuse, alcoholism, theft, or other crimes when desperate situations arise. Seminole Addiction Treatment Services & Counseling is here to help. We believe that proper assessments and treatments are necessary to promote a healthy lifestyle and a reduced re-offense rate throughout the community. Our methods have been proven to help reduce the rate of rearrests or re-incarcerations since its development in 1985 by Dr. Gregory Little and Dr. Kenneth Robinson. We stand behind the power of our treatment programs and aim to make them affordable so that more people can have access to them. Operating out of Sanford, FL, we are healing the community, one client at a time.

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    Some of our services:

    • Anti-theft classes
    • Marijuana 101 classes
    • Moral reconation therapy
    • Substance abuse evaluations

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